A message from needlerfanpudge
I might have misread the context of the post, I read it as you accusing the duders of making those types of jokes, hence my seemingly unnecessary defense. Honestly though, I still don't really get why you have a problem with the whole situation. By corporate rules or just personal preference, GB doesn't owe anyone an explanation of their hiring choices. As for the jokes,I guess I don't take offense easy. If something is funny enough, I don't really care to be offended, I'll just enjoy the joke.

Okay, you’re slightly less of a douche than you came across in your previous message. But, still, it isn’t about whether or not something is funny, it’s about how the joke makes the target feel. As the comedy adage goes, "Aim up, not down." The GB staff seems to get that.


what the fuck is happening to giant bomb i didnt sign up for this


what the fuck is happening to giant bomb i didnt sign up for this

Okay! That’s the last thing I’m posting on this topic. People are starting to ask questions about things I’ve already addressed, and repeating myself isn’t going to help anyone here.

IN CONCLUSION: I love Giant Bomb! I am not mad at the staff! I am just disappointed at the outcome! I am, however, mad at a large portion of the community, because they suck and are horrible! The end!

Thanks for writing a more detailed message. I don’t think I’ve received many messages from people of color on this topic, so it’s good to have more perspective.

I do agree with you that they probably didn’t get many applicants who were people of color or, for that matter, female or gay or outside the gender binary. But, as I talked about in greater detail in this post, I feel like there’s a good chance that they could’ve done more about that than they did.

But, hey, maybe I’m not giving them enough credit. They haven’t been at all transparent about the hiring process, probably due to corporate regulations and limitations, so I can only speculate based on what I do know and what seems likely. As it is, I’m not mad at them, just disappointed by the outcome.

A lot of my anger and frustration over the past few weeks has been derived from the state of the industry in general and the state of the GB community as a whole. I love Giant Bomb and I just want it to excel where other sites and communities do not. I certainly apologize if I’ve been unfair to the staff in any way. I just hold them to high standards, because they’ve shown in the past that they’re capable of meeting those standards.

It’s really touching to hear that Giant Bomb has been an inspiration to you and your brothers. (I’m going to go ahead and tag vincentcaravella if that’s okay, because I’m sure he’d like to know that.) Thank you again for taking the time to elaborate.

A message from needlerfanpudge
"Make me a sandwich jokes?" Really? You'd rather that the GB Crew be media trained assholes who don't offend anyone? I go to Giant Bomb BECAUSE they don't do that. They shouldn't censor themselves at all. I'm not one of those guys who thinks that it would have been the end of the world if GB hired a woman, but I also don't think it was some mean spirited gesture against society. Patrick does a fine job of representing that viewpoint. Dan is a perfect hire and the site is running on all cylinders

Ah, so, you can either make offensive, derogatory jokes or be a media-trained asshole. Those are the only two options. Okay. Great.

I have watched or listened to every single video and podcast ever released under the Giant Bomb name (save for those released over the past couple of weeks; I’m catching up). Not once have I ever heard them make a joke along the lines of “get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.” Do you know why? Because they are not total shitfucks.

It doesn’t have a goddamned thing to do with being media-trained! They are not censoring themselves, and neither is anyone else, when they refrain from telling “jokes” like that. They just know how to act like decent, thoughtful human beings! Pay more fucking attention to the people you claim to be fans of. You might learn a thing or two.

And, honestly, if you’ve read everything I’ve written on here over the past few weeks and you still think I consider this “some mean spirited gesture against society,” just… I can’t think of anything polite to say to you. Leave. Go learn to read. Fuck.

A message from ethnictoast
I'm a minority, a lover of video games and been GB fan since episode 50-something. I'm not mad at the new GB hires.

I’m not really sure how to respond to this. I mean, yes, it goes without saying that not every non-straight, non-white, and/or non-male person is going to have a problem with the way things are. There are women who hang out with guys and laugh right along with their horrible “make me a sandwich” jokes, but that doesn’t make casual misogyny any less deplorable.

You’re, of course, entitled to feel any way you want to about this situation. I don’t want to invalidate your response to it. It’s just, that doesn’t make the situation any less fucked. Your response is your own and clearly does not represent everyone who is like you.

A message from th3budman
You bring up a good point on there being a restriction being enforced on the guys by their employer. Because, Patrick was pretty quick to reflect on the lack of diversity on the panels for E3 and the fact that no one has addressed the community's concerns is very frustrating.

That’s the explanation that I’m officially going with because, until now, the staff have generally been as transparent as possible, as well as fairly progressive and sensitive towards those who are not straight, white males. (As I write this, I’m reminded of the time Ryan said “f*ggot” in a video and immediately apologized, going so far as to censor it in the video and make a separate post about it.)

They’ve been good people up until now, and I’m going to choose to believe that that hasn’t changed. Benefit of the doubt, and all that.


A few more Giant Bomb faces, mostly to make up for the fact that I forgot Alexis yesterday…


A few more Giant Bomb faces, mostly to make up for the fact that I forgot Alexis yesterday…

One last thing before I grab some pizza and disappear into the mists:

About a week ago, I sent patrickklepek a message on Tumblr asking for something, anything, about this whole situation, and I have yet to get a response from him. Now, of course, he gets a lot of messages, and maybe he saw it, maybe he didn’t, or maybe he’ll get to it eventually.

Anyway, as it stands, I’m feeling a little disheartened. There hasn’t been so much as a peep out of anyone on staff addressing the community’s concerns about diversity. They’ve addressed the backlash to that concern, but they’ve said nothing else related to it. I’m hoping that there is a reason for this besides “we just don’t care.” Perhaps:

A) They don’t want to make Dan and Jason feel bad or unwelcome, so they’re trying to avoid saying anything like, “We’re sorry, we goofed. We’ll try to do better next time.” A statement like that is, actually, perfectly fine. It doesn’t reflect on Dan and Jason as people or professionals, but it could feel awkward to make.


B) More likely, there are legal reasons why they can’t comment on this. CBSi is a huge fucking company with a fuck-ton of company policies. Now, I can’t even begin to imagine what, specifically, would prohibit them from discussing diversity, but it’s entirely conceivable that CBS might not want one of their properties getting involved in a discussion related to diversity and discrimination among their employees (I don’t think there’s any active discrimination involved, but it’s a subject that CBS would likely be afraid of having come up).

Bottom line, I can’t imagine that Jeff or, especially, Patrick would be shy about, or unwilling to, even address these concerns in passing, especially when Jeff and (again, especially) Patrick have been so vocal about diversity and opposing industry bullshit in the past. It feels like they’ve been muzzled.

Regardless of the reason, it’s hard not to feel betrayed. Jeff is (was?) my favorite person in the industry, and Patrick is (was?) probably the person I respect the most in the industry. I’m undecided about whether I should continue to reach out to Patrick, perhaps via GB PMs, or reach out to jeffgerstmann at all. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first person to do so.

Anyway, that’s probably the last I’ll say about all this for now, unless prompted or provoked for more. I am still hugely bummed, and Giant Bomb has become a bit tarnished in my eyes, but I’m still mostly on board and will continue posting here.

Bleh. GLHB.

A message from davidmerrick05
While there's a lot of room for debate regarding GB's lack of diversity, I'm feeling a lot better about Dan watching this Freedom Stream. I honestly haven't seen anyone have this good a rapport with Jeff since Ryan.

Honestly, I’m a little behind on Giant Bomb content. I re-upped my premium subscription for a month to catch up on Unprofessional Fridays and check out VinnyVania (I can’t stop singing Barkerville). Once I’m caught up, I’ll get to checking out Dan’s content. I did hear Dan and Jason on the Bombcast and, honestly, it just made me miss hearing Vinny’s voice. (That’s not a reflection on them, though. I just miss Vinny.)

Generally, I’m trying to avoid forming an opinion on them as staff members, because I don’t want to distract myself from the issue of staff diversity. If I end up liking Dan a lot, then I might become comfortable with the status quo again. If I end up not liking Dan, then I might accidentally make this into a personal crusade against him, or at least make it appear that way unintentionally. I don’t want either of those things to happen, so I’m just trying to take a pragmatic, unbiased approach to his presence… I don’t know if any of that made sense. 

(Though, Dan did just say on Twitter that he doesn’t like reading, and that… well, that gets a frown from me.)

A message from amzamiviram
Just popping in to give you a thumbs up over the things you've been writing about. While overall I know that we don't have the whole story of hiring (for one example out of many: how much input various GB Staff actually have into the process as opposed to CBSi corporate), I'm still disappointed that they hired two more white guys (I'm sure Dan and Jason are awesome and will do great work, no disrespect to them personally), as i'd love to see even more diverse experiences from my favourite site.

(I don’t really have any commentary to add to this, but I’d like to post messages like this anyway, because I think it’s important to show that there are plenty of like-minded GB users out there. Those of us who want change are not just a small handful of fringe wackos… Well, I’m probably a fringe wacko in general, but that’s beside the point.)

A message from dkdns
I just want to say thank you for wiriting all the things I was ranting about to my GF last night. I am so sad that part of the GB community is doing this thing again. I was hoping after all the comments on the articels patrick wrote last year that we wouldn't see this kind of things again on GB. But hey once again. Thanks for being a voice of reason.

You can’t really weed out every asshole in your community — that is, any community. There will always be jerks who abuse those less privileged than they are; especially on the internet, where you don’t have to do it to your victim’s face. Every article Patrick writes, every podcast or video with a woman in it… they will always draw blowholes who don’t like to have their privilege challenged. Always. We just have to hope that, over time, more understanding and loving voices will prevail and outnumber the bile.

A message from hasssun
"On the other hand, if the only way for Giant Bomb to stay in business is to placate the jerks in the community who are afraid of seeing anyone other than a white male on their beloved website, then what does that say about Giant Bomb?" When has GB ever given you the impression that they are placating the douchebags and #mensrights morons? I sure haven't seen any indication of that at all. Do you really think they would ever do that?

I wasn’t saying that they were intentionally placating the jerks. I meant that, if they continue to unconsciously limit Giant Bomb to being a Straight White Males Club, then they are keeping happy all the users who want to maintain the comfortable, exclusionary status quo. The staff are going to have to risk alienating the undesirable element, which may very well take up a large portion of the community (it’s hard to tell) if they really want to do The Right Thing and walk the walk like they’ve talked the talk, about being progressive and not supporting sexist, racist, or homophobic bullshit.

Doing the right thing here is not necessarily easy or safe, but the best, most important decisions seldom are. 

Also, while I appreciate Jeff’s post about the community’s verbal abuse, it doesn’t really do anything to address the catalyst for that abuse — the fact that GB’s hiring decisions make some people feel uncomfortable and/or unwelcome almost as much as the jackholes hurling the abuse do.

A message from hampe
Yo, sorry, but I think that guy was really rude. You shouldn't feel bad over stating your opinion here. I support your thoughts as much as I support the guys over at Giant Bomb. I think it's a good discussion that needed to be had, and so far, it has shown me that all of Giant Bomb isn't all that good (but it's still a pretty rad place on the internet, the same way tumblr is). Thanks for sharing what you think about this whole thing!

For me, it’s the discussion that’s the important part. I’m more interested in talking about why the subjects of representation and diversity are important here, than talking about specifically Dan and Jason being the new hires. The Giant Bomb community has some good people in it (this is true of almost any internet community, really) but it largely seems to consist of a lot of ignorant, self-centered white men. Which, duh, I guess.

But maybe, just maybe, if they’re confronted with this discussion enough times, it might cause them to rethink things, or at least get the wheels turning. If I could change, so can they. And, also, maybe it will impress upon the GB staff just how much this means to a large portion of their community. (Rorie follows me and Patrick, while he no longer appears to be following me, has been on this blog before.)


Something I was trying to finish for Ryan Davis’ birthday, but due to job searching I was unable to.


Something I was trying to finish for Ryan Davis’ birthday, but due to job searching I was unable to.